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Washers and Dryers

Disconnect and reconnect services on all models. Includes drum stabilization.


Disconnect: 20-30 Minutes

Reconnect: 20-30 Minutes

Custom Crating Solutions

Custom-built wooden crates with on-site building capabilities. We provide crating and packaging solutions for any project. Residential and Commercial 

Billiards Tables

Billiards table disassemble and reassemble. Includes leveling of frame and slates as well as resetting felt. 


Disassemble: 30-60 Minutes

Reassemble: 60-120 Minutes

Exercise Equipment

Disassemble and reassemble services for any type of exercise equipment. Includes treadmills, ellipticals, multifunctional trainers, and more. Commercial and Residential grade equipment. Ask about our home gym staging services!


TV mount and dismount service. Customer must provide proper mount. 


Mount: 30-45 Minutes

Dismount: 10-20 Minutes

Beds and Cribs

We properly disassemble and reassemble most beds and bed frames. Including airbeds and mechanical beds. 


Disassemble: 20-45 minutes

Reassemble: 20-45 minutes

Playground Equipment

Disassemble and reassemble service of most trampolines and swing sets.


Disassemble: 60-120 minutes

Reassemble: 60-120 minutes


Disconnect and reconnect most valuable light fixtures such as chandeliers and prepare them for transit. 

Recreational Games

Disassemble and reassemble service on most table tennis tables, air hockey tables, pop-a-shot games, and shuffle boards. 


Preparation of refrigerators for transport by removing the doors and handles. Ice maker lines can be disconnected and reconnected upon request. 


Disassemble: 15-30 minutes

Reassemble: 15-30 minutes

Grandfather and Grandmother Clocks

Disassemble and reassemble of most clocks. Includes securing weights, chains and pulleys as well as securing pendulum to a board. 


Disassemble: 15-25 minutes

Assemble: 15-25 minutes

Valuables Relocation

Local relocation services for specific items in your home you may be worried about more than others. 

Baby Grand Pianos

Proper disassemble and reassemble of baby grand pianos. Includes disassemble of legs and pedals, removing lid, and tying the piano keys. 

Short-Term Storage

Short-term storage of certain items in our climate controlled storage spaces upon request. 

Truck Loading

Experienced professionals dedicated to loading and unloading your truck for efficiency and weight management. Local pickup-up and delivery offered with select shipments.

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